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Services for privates

We offer a variety of services for individuals, including assistance with obtaining a Spanish ID for foreigners, opening a bank account, and navigating Spanish bureaucracy in general

Services for Professionals

We also offer professional services for lawyers, developers and real estate agencies. Our team of experts have extensive knowledge in legal and real estate matters, which allows us to provide reliable, efficient and high-quality services.


Client managing

Yess Realty Services can help you by offering the best attention and service to all your clients, either providing requested information, arranging administrative formalities, covering appointments when your agenda is completed or, any other task to suit your needs. We can help occasionally or on a regular basis according to your demands.

Product promotion

Yess Realty Services is available to promote your products or services following your company policy to suit your needs and get the best results for you, including the attendance to international fairs and events.


our long experience in this area allows us to offer you the opportunity to ease your volume of files, taking care of those cases you wish to outsource for reasons of lack of time or other circumstances. We will deal with it with professionalism, confidentiality and discretion..

Staff selection and Training

we can save a lot of your time by helping you with the selection or training of your team, following your intructions to meet your company policy requirements so that, your service is always at the highest level from the very first working day of your new employees.



At Yess, Realty Services We are aware of the importance of such decision and we make ourselves available to guide you with honest and close advice, offering those options that would better suit your needs or expectations.


Yess, Realty Services walks with you all along the property sale or purchase process until completion and signing of Deeds at the Notary, making sure all paperwork is in order and according to regulation.

Main supplies and services

Once you have become owner of your new property, Yess, Realty Services helps you contract water, electricity and any other service you need or wish to have in an easy and quick way so you can start enjoying your new property with the highest comfort and all the amenities.

Translations & Interpreting

We can help you communicate at doctor's appointments, dealing with local Administration, school inscriptions or any other issues you might need to deal with, to make you feel comfortable and fully integrated in your new area.

Dedicated Team

Here is Our Professional Team

Elena Palazón

Meet Elena Palazón, your dedicated advisor for buying and selling homes. She will guide you through the entire process and ensure a smooth transaction for your property. Trust in her expertise and experience to buy your dream home or sell your current one. Contact her today to start your journey!

Yolanda Palazón

Meet Yolanda Palazón, your advisor in sales training. She specializes in contract writing, payment scheduling, and training your company's staff to ensure your clients have a positive experience. With her knowledge and skills, your sales team will be trained to handle any situation and close deals effectively. Let Yolanda help take your business to the next level.

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